Zumba Promotional Music Video, Zumba Fitness ZUMBA Dance Zumba Exercise! Silicon Valley, San Jose

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  3. راجعه لهرقصه قريب :d

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  5. pretties4alice

    This vid is great,it’s so good to see so many blokes there too.This video should be showed everwhere,it proves that all shapes and sizes and guys and kids are able to all be together get there groove on and not be judged for abilty and so forth :):) its just about fun and fitness:)

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  9. LorettezOpinion

    am i the only one who noticed that guy that was holding the mic was lip syncing her lines

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  11. No only like the music. I already have 6 pack abs and good fitness.

  12. cant help but laugh at the woman stood in the front in the orange shirt haha x

  13. usmanhassansaeed

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  15. Because they are smart arses. That’s why. The aim is not to show you the subject matter but to show off their camera work and thus justify their existence. It doesn’t make it any more exiting. Frustrating more like, trying to put together what’s happening from all the disjointed bits.

    If I were present at this event I would not lean over at 45 deg to take a look. Then have a close up of someone’s ear or foot. Squint or blink to make the image judder.

  16. xool.

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  19. Zumba is adictive!!! hahah 

  20. hehe I’ve never seen Zumba before… I thought it might have been like the Latin Dances (you know Chacha, Rhumba, Samba, Jive, salsa etc) all of which I do. I thought I might zumba during the summer when my regular dance is off but no fucking why I’m doing that.. half of them aren’t even on the right beat.

  21. mrcheekycheeks

    this took place in the 90’s?

  22. New zumba song ===> Zumba doridori <=== listen to it on youtube !!

  23. TheInvisibleGirl1812

    exactly! You cant see what the hell they are doing!