Zumba Fitness – Total Body Transformation System (1 of 2)

Health and fitness Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. looks like so much fun

  2. Whats the song around 2:45-2:50?? We dance to this in our class and I want to find the music for it!

  3. Natalie Rodriguez

    If people want real results take zumba and on top of that eat lots of veggies and fruits and healthy meals lots of water and plenty of rest

  4. Regina Eichelberger

    I have zumba for the wii and i lost weight in the first 2 weeks….either one will work

  5. Thanks to Zumba , I’ve lost some weight since I danced Zumba 

  6. Chase Hendrickson

    Yes Jay, me and my wife just started 2 months ago to take Zumba lessons, our teacher recommended to us a new program (Zumba Lose Weight) that combines Zumba + a Healthy Died, I lost 18 pounds in this 2 months, and my wife lost 13 pounds, we are really happy with the results, you can take the information from their website (copy and paste into your browser):


  7. catalina castillo

    Iam purchasing both . I love the idea of dancing and losing weight its fun just need to get all the steps down and then got it . This is such a better option than the general boring workouts that I have done. Iam interested in the tone zumba would love comments if any one has tried it .

  8. well i love the exhilarate is awesome every single video is fun, I really enjoyed making the fitness concert choreographic woooow ! it’s amazing, and also there is a video on the exhilarate set that is called zumba mix, this video has the choreographic of the zumbathon concert that they make in 2011. so i really recommended the exhilarate program but you know what… no matter which video you decide to buy I could assure you that you’re going to love it 🙂

  9. do I really have to have those zumba sticks?

  10. i love beto aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. pauline07241989

    How much is the dvd??

  12. ThePriestessMichal

    ok i’m gonna try this RIGHT NOW!

  13. i must say that results can be seen visibly in around 8days…i highly recommend it if you really want to lose weight immediately…i purchased a zumba cd in ps3 format. the dance moves are so fun and the music so lively that you don’t actually feel like you’re working out! : D

  14. Hello, does anybody know, what song this is (08:00)? Thank you for the answer :).

  15. preaty12flower .

    2 month ,3 month. You have to be patient 🙂 

  16. any amt? 2 choices? get both dear.. bored, alternate play.. solve d prob! luv to see with lost lbs. keep in touch.. all d best..

  17. any amt? 2 choices? get both dear.. bored, alternate play.. solve d prob! luv to see with lost lbs. keep in touch.. all d best..

  18. but how much time it will take me to get slim?? is it too long :/ ??
    I need to lose 27 pounds

  19. atha atha nasia

    i want a track list 🙁

  20. she looked better before the zumba

  21. Rosemely berdugo

    i need to fit into my wedding dress help!!!!

  22. Rosemely berdugo

    I reaLLY need to loss whight to fit in my wedding i need this

  23. i just bought the DVD. so much fun! love it! tq!

  24. poor little thing, guess you never tried

  25. awwww well that’s too bad to hear you don’t like zumba, but you have tried it yet? I’ve been doing zumba for two months now and loving it.