Winning at Weight Loss (College Health Guru)

Physical fitness Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Sup, have you wondered about this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (do a google search). My father says it helps people burn fat.

  2. yeah, I tried joining those “teams”, they kick me out sooner than the first game is over. Fuck that. And fuck running, I ran so much in my childhood. it made me hate the very thought of wasting my life running like a douche in the middle of the street.

  3. Now, if only I could get my lady to implement these concepts

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  6. people run through the ocean in sneakers???

  7. Maniifest Destini

    she has a killer stomach and she’s not wearing a bra 😛

  8. lovepeacenotwar1982

    what happens when u have to make urself eat, ur not hungry

  9. @Killerquatch I was sent here after watching a video about anorexia, how great…

  10. i know i wanna be her weight

  11. . . .or become vegetariaN?

  12. so i got to eat a handful of nuts? WTF

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  15. he looks like kinda like jim carry

  16. uhhhh…you forgot to add the most obvious of weight gain items..BEER!!!!! dont drink beer!!! or alcholic beverages…mixed drinks contain tons of calories!! you must not forget that!!

  17. She is more than HOT :)

  18. Nice! Good luck with your goal. And keep posting your progress. Cheers Erin

  19. Yea i put on 20 pounds too since Sophomore year! i wanna lose weight by senior year. Will 5 small meals be better? I dont have time for 3 large ones. i can only nosh throughout summer classes and work.

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  21. Ohhh!! Ok.

  22. it was a compliment.she has a nice ass.

  23. How Is she In Any Way Fat?? WTF?

  24. cept her ass!

  25. maybe a little bit of a touch of pokryness but nah shes not fat. Squezing her stomach should flatten her out a bit though.