Tsunami Damaged City Selected Venue For 2019 Rugby World

Kamaishi, the little Nippon city which was hugely devastated by the monstrous 2011 Tsunami, has been selected as one among the honored venues for 2019 Rugby World.

The World Rugby officials & the rugby tournament committee from Japan recently had a meet in Dublin where 15 probable World Cup venues were confirmed. According to reports from the meet, Japan already boasts a huge range of mid-sized stadiums compatible to house rugby, whilst the largest 80,000 seater National Stadium (Tokyo) would be hosting both the inaugural & finale, scheduled for September 6th & October 20th, respectively.

However, World Rugby’s attention to the tiny coastal city of Kamaishi, which hosts merely 30 thousand residents, pulled particular attention. As per the statements from the officials, the tsunami-damaged stadium would be renovated into 16,187-seater Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium in memoriam of over 1200 residents who were killed by the gigantic Tsunami waves.

“Kamaishi was the most devastated city of Japan when the 2011 Tsunami struck the Nippon coastline”, stated Alan Gilpin, the director of World Cup Rugby. “If Rugby World could play a role in recovering the area, it would be really fantastic.” It’s definitely a commendable step on behalf of Rugby World.

Bernard Lapasset, the chairman of Rugby World, stated that the organizers are looking to ensure a mighty geographic coverage for the venues to ensure maximum possible coverage for the rugby fans all over Japan. It should be “an event to be relished by whole Japan.”

As per the reports, the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches woulod be hosted across 3 biggest islands of Japan. Tokyo, Toyota, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Osaka, Kobe, Saitama and Kamaishi feature on Honshu island. Another venue is Sapporo from Hokkaido island & 3 stadiums on westernmost Kyushu island would complete the overall picture.

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