Total Fitness : How to Get Rid of Low Abdominal Fat

Health and fitness Movie Score: four / five

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  1. TheDROIDXtreme

    how can you give an advice if your fat your self!!!

  2. come on guys u can do it i was average a few months a go and now i look like a victoria secret model!

  3. I like my beer too much mate. I still can go out and finish top 5 in my Age group in an Ironman

  4. This is a fantastic example of what its like when we KNOW what we should do but yet we DONT do it… i mean look at him…

  5. xxroboticdinosaurxx

    i just think its funny cuz he looks kinda fat lol

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  8. lol

  9. That roll thingy that the guy had….i got that and i cant even do it that fast lol