Sep 17

Sergio Parisse Not Joining Summer Tour

This summer Sergio Parisse will not play opposite to Fiji, Australia and Scotland.

Along with Parisse, Leonardo Ghiraldini, Lorenzo Cittadini and Simone Favaro can also be given the rest

The motive behind this is, Conor O’Shea wants to give some rests with these veteran players

In his squad, O’Shea named four uncapped players. He announced that he is leaving Captain Sergio Parisse out from the squad of 31-man for this summer tour of the year against Fiji, Scotland and Australia.

The coach said, “I wanted to give time to Parisse and three top players of the team the hooker Leonardo Ghiraldini, prop Lorenzo Cittadini and flanker Simone Favaro. During this time, they will recover from the season of 2016-17 and prepare themselves for internationals, which are going to take place in the November.”

Winger Leonardo Sarto and Prop Simone Ferrari return to the team after the injuries which restricted them to play this year in the Six Nations. And in the absence of these players, Italy finished at the bottom of the table.” Continue reading →

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