Strength Project Training for Women- Fitness Exercises

Fitness Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Is that Arash’s girlfriend?

    Lucky bastard.

  2. allgmoneypepsonfloo

    shes flexible >:)

  3. I bet it was a guy filming this LOL

  4. Whats this music?

  5. All exercise about Kung fu

  6. Much appreciated. trying to get into bboying and it is harder to get info on that for woman! keep at it.

  7. Looking forward to the flexibility portion of this upcoming tutorial. Thanks for the post!

  8. I have to say this is video is excellently filmed

  9. ThaPlatinumPlayer

    she’s good

  10. This is dry porn

  11. at 2:09 her back is too arched

  12. Sorry ask an annoying question..but what song is that?

    Great vids btw – defo feeling stronger already after that! Cheers.

  13. Great vid. Thanks.

    Looking forward to it.

  14. i agree i think its time for guys to see ladies for who they are and not what they want from them..respect is a beautiful thing.. nice song too..

  15. pervs

  16. Nice Strength work out !!!!

  17. Am I first

  18. sexy woman did you got her number? ;D

  19. i cuold put this vid in one word (wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @okaypoet
    Thank you, that was well said! The next female videos will be filmed in a manner where viewers will learn something about flexibility or workouts desired by women. This video was in no way an instructional or a workout routine, its just a demo of the womens fitness videos that will be coming soon.

  21. haha…bunch of pervs 😛

  22. MAN HOLD UP!!!!!! i know ur tappin that strength project dude, biggups!

  23. this band grew up where i live 🙂

  24. camera man is goin places