Simple Fitness Exercises Made Easy Video # 1- How to Lift Weights & Exercise

Physical fitness Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Sup, have you heard of Mimmu Fat Blast? (go search google). They have weight loss tips for every body type.

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  3. i have been doin work outs for 2 hours

  4. Get ripped!!

  5. Let me show you how to do a push-up. Go Down “BA- AAH!” Let’s do a Hindu squat, go down putting the weight on the balls of your feet, “BA-AAH!”

  6. do u even lift? no whey man!

  7. Great stretching before we start?

  8. Thank you for the great video you put together. It’s given me some direction as to what I should be doing in relation to exercising and eating.

  9. Keep pressing 4 for a seal

  10. jhon cena’s brother

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  12. lmao keep pressing 2

  13. Whhhhaaaahhhhh. Bbaaaaahhhh. Whhhhhaaaaahhhh bahhh.
    Awesome sound effects.

  14. lol same here


  16. good, fuck drugs

  17. BestVideoResponse

    I’m starting to get into all this instead of the 1 hour of cardio that I used to do. Running for an hour takes the muscle off. Then sitting around doing nothing burns fewer calories without the extra muscle.
    What do you think about interval training?

  18. your videos are always so helpful to me man thanks

  19. I like the videos EXCEPT the intro clap… ugh.. makes me cringe!

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    Yes I know, first took creatine monohydrate 14 yr`s ago!. 🙂

  21. I was trying to say, if you lift a weight, you are breaking down Phosphocreatine.

  22. .
    “Ignorant”- lol!.
    Tell me something I don`t know.
    “Weightlifter”- everyone lift`s some kind of weight everyday- so by your definition everyone is a weightlifter?.

  23. Hmm, the nazi salute made it’s way in there, I know it wasn’t intentional haha. Cool vid!

  24. You are so ignorant, PCr is used first and the Phosphate goes to ADP to Make ATP for anaerobic and Aerobic energy.
    Weight lifter – anyone who lifts weights.