SIMPLE Fitness Exercises Made Easy – How to Life Weights & Exercise

Health and fitness Movie Rating: 5 / five

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  1. Those are some big arms at 2.12

  2. Great advice ima start doing that now at the gym thank you.

  3. What do you recommend for someone who has issues with joint pain due to an inflammatory disease? How can one exercise without increasing the pain and inflammation?

  4. Any advice on fasting? Maybe in the next vidblog.

  5. Any more questions? Send me a message with your questions, be it cardio, weight training or MMA! I am happy to answer.

  6. you just have to think that if you don’t eat right then you loose half the training, and you don’t want that right? Best is to just suck it up and eat as well as you possibly can and if you plan well you can fit it in your financial food-budget as well. The human body need 33 kcal per kilo (2 lbs) a day, – 500 kcal a day if you wanna loose fat. add cardio to that and you should be fine! Know that it’s only possible to loose about a pound a week without loosing muscle so be patient

  7. Thats the hardest part for people (imo)… It takes ALOT of hard work and dedication… a complete lifestyle change… lots of good ideas out there on youtube/google – I have been eating about 95% clean for a few months now, and working out hard… starting to see good results (losing body fat and gaining lean mass).

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  9. Darin,
    Its really hard for me to stick to a good diet.. I work out really hard and consistently but I just can’t get the food right. I’m in college which makes it even harder for me to eat well. Therefore, its been hard for me to lose fat. Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate a response, Thank you!

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