Simple Fitness Exercises Made Easy – How to Life Weights & Exercise

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  1. ThatPunkBrent

    hell yea man thanks 

  2. Darin,

    Its really hard for me to stick to a good diet.. I work out really hard and consistently but I just can’t get the food right. I’m in college which makes it even harder for me to eat well. Therefore, its been hard for me to lose fat. Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate a response, Thank you!

  3. IT Used to be “You Do Have The Power To Change, Go Make It Happen!”

  4. Darin, redo this video bro and use more of that classic Darin Steen enthusiasm

  5. no clap?? wtf

  6. ForceOfWizardry

    I miss that *CLAP* *CLAP* intro! That always use to get me hyped up to burn some fat, baby!!!