Sergio Parisse Has A Challenging Test Match Coming Up On March 17th

Sergio Parisse is close to reaching the 100 number in Test match losses. Italy captain has a burden on his shoulder as the team has an upcoming match against Scotland this Saturday, 17th March. Being 34 years of age, being captain of a team means you bear the burden of losses as much as you get the accolades for the wins. His losses in Test matches are three times more to the 33 wins that he has to his name. The matches have been many that he played for the Azzurri. Hence, his losses are 99 in number while his wins are 33.

However, what is certain that Italy will win the Wooden Spoon as the Six Nations accolade this year, no matter what the result is of the upcoming match this weekend. The team would surely work towards a win as that would be the only way they can prevent a whitewash in the tournament. Parisse is considered one of the all great No 8 players of all time. However, he has had a lot of obstacles to face as well. The volume of matches he has played at the international level have been huge for which his record has suffered. He has a total of 133 games till date to his list of matches played. He is also fifth on the ranks of most capped players.

There are several happy memories of course. Such a game against Scotland in 2015 Parisse had a crucial role to play in defeating the other team. His first test failure came when they played against the All Blacks. This team he has encountered seven times and lost every time. He has also been unable to overcome England against which side he has played 14 times and ten times against Australia.

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