Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens, a type of rugby union game where each consists of seven players instead of the usual fifteen and the matches are shorter in length. The International Rugby Board governs the Rugby Sevens and its foundation was laid in Melrose where each year the Melrose Tournament is held. The game has been very popular at different levels and both amateur and club tournaments are organized during the summer months.

The rules of this game are different from that of a traditional rugby game. The number of player in each team is seven and each team is just allowed five substitutes with five interchanges. The length of the game is shortened to just seven minute halves and only ten minute halves are allowed for the final of the competition. Duration between the two halves has also been dropped to just one minute and only two minutes during the final.

In Rugby Sevens, drawn matches are continued into extra time in multiple of 5minutes periods. All conversions in this game should be taken within 40 seconds of scoring a try and those attempts should be drop-kicked. In sevens, the scoring team kicks off rather than the conceding team and yellow cards shown to a player gives him 2-minute suspension. All these changes are made to the game to speed it up keeping in mind the reduced number of players.

It is one of the most well distributed and popular form of rugby in different parts of the world, mostly famous in Africa, Asia and in the South Pacific. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to include the game in Olympics. Rugby Sevens will make its debut as an Olympic sport at the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is also included in international competitions such as IRB Sevens World Series and the Rugby World Cup Sevens. The game is also played at multisport events like the Commonwealth Games.

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