Personal Training Workout Tips & Drills : Bench Press Fitness Exercises

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  1. What the fuck is a two dimensional graph??

  2. What a weakling. I’m 6 years old and I can bench 850lb without a problem. And I don’t even train!

  3. This guy sounds like Johnny Knoxville.

  4. my bench press is powerful at the moment im benching 90kg at moment gonner move to 100kg soon coz 90kg is getting pritty easy bin benching 90kg for about a week now constent….but all i do is power movements coz i wanna be big an strong not ripped and built thats why all i do is spercific power movements such as bench press squats deadlift and benoverrole

  5. one question why do you have 138509 videos

  6. Together you can, when you cant get it up anymore, you only miss a little bit power and the spotter will be capable to help you. Stop complaining start training

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  9. Haha, who else keeps click on the little words to make them go higher and higher? It’s addicting lol.

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  15. PaInTbAlL000111

    Are you retarded? Arching your back does not take away from using your chest, no matter how u bench u still have to use your chest so u can’t say ” not even using ur chest”. A person arches there back naturally when they are lifting heavy weight in order to use the larger (lower) part of the pec. This is why decline is so much easier with a certain weight than incline. I’m not saying the arch in your back is good or bad, just that ur comment about not using his Chest was fucking dumb

  16. hahahahahahahaha… idiot

  17. arching back? thats so bad not even using ur chest

  18. personaltraineralmer

    Hi, My name is Dave and I am a personal trainer too.. I like your vid.. 🙂
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  19. I’m sure it was solely for demonstration purposes, look at his chest.

  20. ThisIsReality93

    Checkout my vid of me doing 315 raw on bench at 148ibs. Tell me what yall think.

  21. my grandma saw this yesterday and now she lift 200

  22. AndyHarglesis

    For being only 13 and DRUG FREE I can bench 430lbs RAW with NO STRAPS, not even PROTEIN SHAKES!
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  23. personaltraineralmer

    Good instruction video..
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  24. AndyHarglesis

    For being only 13 and DRUG FREE I can bench 430lbs RAW with NO STRAPS, not even PROTEIN SHAKES!

    Please view my channel to see the vid in 1080p!