Negative Tricep and Chest Fitness Exercises from Empower Your Body

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  1. if this is an exercise that i go for b4 bed how many reps each do u believe i should strive for till failure? 

  2. very helpfull.thanx for uploading

  3. CreativeCaution

    I couldn’t do a push up that slow to save my life D: But still love 🙂

  4. Alycia I have never been eble to do push-ups not even when i was a child, how can i modify this workout?

  5. great exercise will try this tomorrow in the morning before i head to work for sure. thanks..

  6. YEAH!

  7. Thanks for the video!!  I love how you explain things!! You don’t just show us exercises, you empower us!!

  8. Dear Alycia, I wanted to write to you for awhile already. So finally: I’m always happy to find new videos from you, because I enjoy them, they’re helpful and I like your approach. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into them. I appreciate it.
    Lots of love and greetings from Germany :o)
    And remember: be well, eat well, drink plenty of water and don’t ever forget to empower your body! – You rock, Alycia!

  9. Thanks for doing this negative rep theme I am trying to stay motivated and variety challenging workouts help . I forget routines there are so many and are easy to forget them . Your right there are no girl or men routines. Just good routines to make what we have , work better.

  10. I can’t even do one push up. Do you have any recomendations on how to work on it in a safe way. I would love to some day do at least 10! Have an awesome day and thank you for all this awesome info!

  11. No girl push ups, they’re modified…”YEAH!” lol