How to Pole Dance for Fitness : How to Buy Outfits for Pole Dancing Exercise

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    i always reccomend the X-POLE u can get it online, it is a uk product. runs about $250 usd. and can be modified in any way to suit your home with a few inexpensive extra pieces. it comes with 2 extenders in case you have slightly high ceiliengs. i have one and wouldnt trade it for the world.

  2. InnocentWolfAngel

    Would say short shorts. You need that skin to help grip the pole. The foot undies are a good tip.

  3. I’d recommend short shorts (booty shorts) for maximum skin exposure on the pole.

    You can use leg warmers or knee pads for floor work or when landing on your knees.

  4. PlushPrincess2

    were can i buy a pole from??

  5. foot undies,i need these,cuz my feet sweat bad

  6. Good tips – cheers x