Health & Fitness : How to Run 2 Miles Faster

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  2. pankaj bansal

    Hi, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google). My mother says it helps people lose weight easily.

  3. thanks and i just did a 5:20 flat for invitationals:D

  4. That’s obviously not bad, so asking that question is pointless. How would that possibly be bad? That’d mean your running a 400m in only about a minute and 30 seconds or something. And it’s a mile so it’s good that you can maintain a good speed.

  5. It’s pretty good, how does your 2 mi compare? I’m 16 and started my season with a 5:35 mi, but now I only do the 2 mi at my PR is 11:00. The mile is just too short for me. In my last race I came in on my first mi at 5:27 which would be a PR if it was just mile. hehe I’m sort of new to running so I’ve had a pretty quick performance curve. I used to primarily a swimmer. W/ three events, it sound like you do alot at your meets so kudos for that.

  6. i just turned 14, and i run a mile in 5:35. is that bad? i run cc and i do the 4×8, mile and 2mile for track.

  7. so u dont believe i can run it um little expert village girli might be younger i might be less smarter than u but it doesnt mean i can be better than u at something so dont send me more messages and i doubt that u might never be as good as someone at something

  8. kawaiicake107

    I ran the mile in 7:51..I highly doubt you ran it in 5:13..

  9. seriously i can do a video showing u in how many minutes i run if u dont believe me

  10. haha that’s a lie.

  11. LOL if you ran a mile in 5:13 in 5th grade then you would probably be the fastest 5th grade girl miler in the world. You would be making national headlines, because that is impossibly fast.

  12. it isnt even a mile lol they tell you its a mile so you feel good you guys ran a half mile 

  13. rthjutujfghfgghd

    Um no, 13 year guys that are fit are considered good if they go 5:40-5:30

  14. im in fifth grade and im the fastest in my claas from the girls and i ran the mile in 5:13

  15. thats how long it takes for me to run one mile

  16. im a 6th grade girl & im the second fastest girl in my calss!LOL i finished the mile run in 7:17

  17. 60-120s lol

  18. me.

  19. australiafinest

    who takes 30 – 40 mins to run 2 miles?

  20. can i substitute a burning std instead of fire?

  21. TheJayAr3intown

    good job!

  22. Great advice, was a former player and coach @SJSU soccer during our #1 in the nation reign in 2000. One of our fitness test was to run 2 miles under 12 minutes, intervals is the best way to do it..before I tried it my 2 mi was 11:56…when I started intervals I ran it at 11:30 and was not even tired..awesome advice!

  23. i can run 2 miles in 8:56