Health & Fitness : How to Get Six-Pack Abs in a Month

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  1. i was working exercices like 15 days in a row twice on day and diffrence is visible (widouth diet)…but yea… diet is really important too

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  4. Ab exercices like this doesnt work at all. Everything has to do with your diet and some with you BODY exercies. NOT your ab exercices. You can do 100.000.000 crunches without seeing any results. Thumb up on this comment so people can stop falling for this dumb kitchen woman!

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  11. Yo, have you considered this plan called the Max Muscle Method? (look it up on google). My sister says it gets people ripped.

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  20. I am 19 so for me it works, by the way i am female, also it took me 2 months.

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