Fitness – 10 Minute ab workout

Exercise Movie Ranking: four / five

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  2. BethanyLuellaMelody

    I’m going to commit to this workout video and do it atleast once a day before I go on holiday. I’m hoping to see results and keep it up whilst in Greece 🙂 thankyou Laura London!! X

  3. i think i love you. but seriously, if my abs do begin to show, will i have to keep working out like this…or will eating healthy maintain them.

  4. Can you check my workout video out and tell me what I should work on?

  5. LauraLondon100

    Yeah!  Feel the burn..

  6. LauraLondon100

    Smiling, thank you. Keep it going!

  7. LauraLondon100

    You are welcome!

  8. wifedbydabest

    I love it Ty!!

  9. LauraLondon100

    If that were possible I would be a millionaire 🙂 The best things you can do are cardio, eat very clean all week, no sauces, salt, processed foods, drink lots of water and exercise,

  10. Hello:) I want to have flat abs in 1 week. is it possible?:)

  11. sammy84rielly

    Hi Laura your workout is so great :D.
    today is my 2 day i love your workout.
    By the way you have a beautiful smoking body.
    thank you laura

  12. this gives my lower abs the burn they need. love it!

  13. bsweetandsimple

    I knew it! I was like mann shes just trying to make us do it twice.

  14. xxdigitalorangexx

    This is way pretty intense.

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  16. Everytime I do ab circuits the next day I can barely sit or stand or bend down lol what do you recommend for the pain? .. Awesome workout by the way will be adding it to the regiment

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  18. aubergine4444

    You’re very welcome, but thank YOU for posting the video. I know my Abs Class will be a lot better now! I have just checked out your website and am again very impressed. I’ll definitely be a regular visitor to it from now on (and that’s not just because you’re incredibly hot)! Thank you again.

  19. Awesome workout… I am gonna do it everyday…

  20. LauraLondon100

    YOU ARE WELCOME!!! Feel the burn…

  21. LauraLondon100

    No they really are just about the same… In one you are leaning back a little more. It is my sneaky way of making you do it twice 🙂