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  1. freckleseclipse

    the thing you might lose a few pounds from doing this but at the same time if you arent changing what you put in to your body whatever weight you lost will come right back like a cycle bc you are puting the fat back in with an unhealthy diet.

  2. Taebo

  3. Of course tybo is gonna help

  4. pinksugar1908

    Gosh i looked like a fool doing that 🙂 but im sweating like a pig and proud to be. Im going to try to do this again tomorrow 😀 wish me luck! Great video!

  5. Wow.. its amazing stuff.. tried this.. Good workout.. 🙂

  6. xxdigitalorangexx

    have you tried “Home Fitness Exercises and Diet 4 Idiots” (do a Google search for it)?

    For beginners – Check out HomeFitnessExercisesandDiet4Id­­­iots.com

    Comes with great 7 days home fitness workout video tutorial and printable workout journal

  7. Brandon Velazquez

    Good workout:)

  8. vuongnhivo213

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 HEY!

  9. my fav routine 

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  11. i LOVE THE LADY in red you r supprotive
    and the guy in yellow is my HERO XXX LOVE YOU GUYS XX /1!

  12. Aula excelente, adorei…já faz uma semana que estou fazendo essa aula.

  13. omg! after this routine I felt that I would die! :S

  14. richardpasmith

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  15. I exercise 7 times a week, i lost 15 kg in 4 month… but i do eat after 8 pm, yogurt or sth…:)

  16. lol, sounds like so but i dont think so though

  17. Gracias por tu motivación! Eres el mejor

  18. Patricia Lizette Escobar Cardona

    This exercise is the best


  20. worth it 😀 . GOOD WORKOUT

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  24. dora ligia muñeton c

    super estoy haciendo con mi hijo y esposo gracias muchas gracias por estos vídeos