Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout

Fitness Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. 這個5分鐘的暖身做得我小喘>.< 弱雞一隻

  2. you guys are awesome. I do this warmup several times a day and actually
    added it to my calendar so I remind myself to get off the chair and keep my
    body from falling apart. Thanks so much!!

  3. Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

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    #wellness #warmup 

  4. I wanna thank you guys for all this workout videos I lost 30 pounds
    following some of your workouts and eating right thanks a lot

  5. Does fitness blender have any full body warm up stretch videos? I was doing
    Insanity for a while and switched to Fitness Blender because I got injured
    doing Insanity. But the one thing I liked about Insanity is that they have
    stretches before and after every workout. I think they are essential to
    avoid injury from any workout video…

  6. loved it thanks!

  7. So good and easy exersises!!! I love it!!!

  8. Came for the warm up, stayed for her smile lol.

  9. I love working out to this video I feel the brun ALL over 

  10. Does anyone know how many calories this workout burns? I’m trying to make a
    schedule (for fun, to see if it works) and it would mean a lot if someone
    knew. I don’t need the exact number, but as exact as it can be 🙂
    Thanks!! and sorry for my bad english

  11. Can’t you read this is a WARM UP it prepares you for the workout! !! It is
    the workout that burns

  12. Zuzana Pardubová

    Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

    Please share if you like!

    #wellness #warmup 

  13. I think it’s good for not only for beginners but if you are recovering from
    an injury or injuries to ease back into it. JUst because it’s low impact
    doesn’t mean you don’t sweat! :)

  14. Anytime Fitness of Hammond, La.

    Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

    Please share if you like!

    #wellness #warmup 

  15. Thank you

  16. great channel! but why dont you guys add some music?

  17. Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

    Please share if you like!

    #wellness #warmup 

  18. Good warm ups…..

  19. Nice! I sweat up! :)

  20. I wonder if you can do this warm up twice?

  21. Shaira Faye Salido

    Thank you for this video this really help me,…..

  22. vivalaolivia 112

    This is easy but afterwards it feels great!!!!

  23. thanks!

  24. the video kind of doesn’t work after few minutes it takes me back at the
    start 😕

  25. You’re sweet, thank you 🙂