Dance, Dance, Dance Music Video – Zumba Fitness

Physical fitness Online video Score: four / five

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  1. CultMaster101

    lol pause at 1:02 



  3. Talpasklaudia


  4. NZ!

  5. danced to this song in my od song love it

  6. nolberto lopez juarez

    gracias :)

  7. Just got my Zumba Exhilarte 2 weeks ago and all i can say is #ILOVEZUMBA

  8. Love this song one of my favorites, got zumba legend on wii 😉

  9. Fantastico beto!

  10. Love this song im so awesome at it 😀

  11. awesome my sister is skinny she does zumba everday

  12. ayyy beto bien sexy!!!! awww love this song!

  13. i do this all the time with my family

  14. summergirl5216

    This is my fav!!!! Love it to death. I can do it all the time lol

  15. Savannah Reid

    Who else is dancing along to it? 😀

  16. Average Apple

    i <3 zumba, we do this dance every week!

  17. Love the freestylin’ part. Imagine if it was longer?

  18. MrAlvarooolopez

    ELMAS!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  19. WildieLeoGurlJesh

    Mauritius loves it! 😀

  20. MrAlvarooolopez

    Porque sacaron el video MUeve La Cadera en vivo de Youtube??? 77 ¬¬

  21. It’s called, Dance Dance Dance. One of my favourites!

  22. what is this song the name???where i can download this song??

  23. Love it ! 😀 I always play the Zumba game on my Xbox :b

  24. ZUMBA WithPhysniques

    Got it. Thank you. Great choreography, song & performance by all!