Curl Exercises & Upper Body Fitness : How to Do a Rear Deltoid Raise Exercise

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  1. I like to use a bench and use palms facing towards you…Ive found it uses less traps.

  2. you know nothing.

  3. dude stop trying to act smart. you sound dumb as shit. theres a reason why this exercise is famous and thats because it worked for so many people. fucking troll gtfo man pmo

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  6. You can do both, I think elbow bend is valuable to begin with so you are aware of your shoulder rotation. You can even bend up to 90, call it a row if you like, doesn’t matter.

  7. @imadebobie Who says rear delts are not “meant” to push heavy weight? They look like they have just as much room to grow as front delts and people make them huge.

  8. so you think using heavy weights means professionaL?

  9. sgtsnakeeyes11

    nope, you have to do light weight for this exercise

  10. matklstrength

    that forms just gona work your traps like this, small amount of rear delt involvement but the range of motion is far too great to isolate the delt and have mximum muscle activation.

  11. HomicidalDavid


    When I do this exercise should I feel the burn when I am pinching shouler blades back? I want to make sure I am doing this exercise correctly.

    I think my rear delts are getting worked, but also feel front being worked too


  12. people are so misinformed when in comes to health fitness

  13. it doesnt really matter as long you dont flex them while doing it but ull get a higher difficulty by keeping them straight 😉

  14. xxRandomnameguyxx

    something i dont get about rear deltoid exercises: bend elbows or dont bend elbows?
    this guy doesnt bend em much, but alot of guys have like a 90 degree bend.

  15. siouxyeahyeah75


  16. lemme guess you do it too. and buddy look at the date 4 months ago, i dont give a sht.

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  18. shadowbird8954


  19. Finally, a decent expertvillage video. LOL

  20. I guess the Hulk is the only image of fitness for many of these insecure guys on here.

  21. yay for idiot banging his weights in the background…

  22. diamonddust22

    One of the few guys I’ve seen that does this right. Seen so many people doing this deltoid with bad form. This is a really great video.

  23. TheDoctor46vr

    @ZahinSingh posterior** correction on behalf of Victorian Fitness Acadamy

  24. uuusssmmmcccwfou

    hes doing it wrong

  25. milesmuhldoon1

    I been doing mine one arm at a time with 45lbs of weight for 12 reps 3 sets…I can do it but who knows…and my form is correct. I guess as long as I can do it and its not a bother, then do it.