Jul 18

Sergio Parisse Has A Challenging Test Match Coming Up On March 17th

Sergio Parisse is close to reaching the 100 number in Test match losses. Italy captain has a burden on his shoulder as the team has an upcoming match against Scotland this Saturday, 17th March. Being 34 years of age, being captain of a team means you bear the burden of losses as much as you get the accolades for the wins. His losses in Test matches are three times more to the 33 wins that he has to his name. The matches have been many that he played for the Azzurri. Hence, his losses are 99 in number while his wins are 33.

However, what is certain that Italy will win the Wooden Spoon as the Six Nations accolade this year, no matter what the result is of the upcoming match this weekend. The team would surely work towards a win as that would be the only way they can prevent a whitewash in the tournament. Parisse is considered one of the all great No 8 players of all time. However, he has had a lot of obstacles to face as well. The volume of matches he has played at the international level have been huge for which his record has suffered. He has a total of 133 games till date to his list of matches played. He is also fifth on the ranks of most capped players.
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Oct 14

Chris Ashton needs to develop more qualities for the upcoming tests

Chris Ashton’s style might lack any kind of uniqueness but it is obvious that the English team’s head coach Stuart Lancaster will ask for more from the winger in the international competition in the autumn.

Ashton is in a brilliant form this season, hence, he will make it to the Elite player club to be announced on October 22. But whether or not he will be able to keep the number 14 jersey for the following tests  will be determined by his delivering a ”point of difference” as Lancaster calls it.

Regarding his performance, Ashton, to the surprise of many, admitted that he just runs after the ball like a dog and he doesn’t work on his sprinting with anyone.

He also said that he cannot run to the best of his ability in the speed tests because he feels tensed, but he does better than that in the field.

Ashton said that he cannot spend time with Sprint experts because he cannot find some extra time to work on it though he said that some people told him that they could help him with the sprint if he manages to spend some time with them. But his regular rugby sessions take up so much time the he is left with neither the time nor the energy for doing some extra training for sprint.

Strettle is another player with whom Ashton forms a rapid wing attacking threat. Strettle is also trying his best to make it to the EPS. Ashton has said that if he competed with Strettle on a foot race then Strettle is sure to win, but when it comes to chasing a ball for a try then he would be the one who could do it.

Being at the best position in the upcoming England Vs Sarries Premiership is Ashton’s number one priority, according to him, his prime focus is on performing to stay at the top in this premiership, it is what he strongly desires.

Oct 14

Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens, a type of rugby union game where each consists of seven players instead of the usual fifteen and the matches are shorter in length. The International Rugby Board governs the Rugby Sevens and its foundation was laid in Melrose where each year the Melrose Tournament is held. The game has been very popular at different levels and both amateur and club tournaments are organized during the summer months.

The rules of this game are different from that of a traditional rugby game. The number of player in each team is seven and each team is just allowed five substitutes with five interchanges. The length of the game is shortened to just seven minute halves and only ten minute halves are allowed for the final of the competition. Duration between the two halves has also been dropped to just one minute and only two minutes during the final.

In Rugby Sevens, drawn matches are continued into extra time in multiple of 5minutes periods. All conversions in this game should be taken within 40 seconds of scoring a try and those attempts should be drop-kicked. In sevens, the scoring team kicks off rather than the conceding team and yellow cards shown to a player gives him 2-minute suspension. All these changes are made to the game to speed it up keeping in mind the reduced number of players.

It is one of the most well distributed and popular form of rugby in different parts of the world, mostly famous in Africa, Asia and in the South Pacific. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to include the game in Olympics. Rugby Sevens will make its debut as an Olympic sport at the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is also included in international competitions such as IRB Sevens World Series and the Rugby World Cup Sevens. The game is also played at multisport events like the Commonwealth Games.

Aug 14

London Wasps look to make most of their new signings

The build up to the new season of the Aviva Premiership is getting hotter each day with all the teams trying to make most of the transfer window in the very beginning of their campaign. This is no different for the last year semi-finalists London Wasps. The most significant signing for the club has been undoubtedly the Worcester Warriors star Ed Shervington. The veteran for the warriors put up a good performance in spite of his side’s elimination form the main draw and was thereby duly rewarded in the transfer season. The club has also renewed the contract with fellow hooker Tom Lindsay who has made his presence felt in about hundred matches for the Wasps, impressing the coaching staff and fans alike.

The Director of the club Dai Young has also been instrumental for signing his own son Thomas Young for his side. The 21 year old flanker had previously been involved with Gloucester making three appearances for his side. Buster Lawrence and Will Rolans were the other 22 year old young guns who were added to the ranks of the team. Although these players might have to wait for their chances in the big stage yet the club has pinned its hope on their agility and aggressive approach to the game. The only player to be released recently from the club was their fly half Joe Carlisle. He would be facing competition for his number 10 jerseys from Andy Goode, Ruaridh Jackson and Alex Lozowski who have joined the club recently. Wales International prop John Yapp was also signed by the Wasps from Edinburgh. Dai Young clearly mentioned that they were banking on the former Cardiff Blue star due to his massive experience in the Premiership. The team now seems to be complete and competent enough for a major title in the upcoming season.

Feb 14

Sergio Parisse says Italy will take risks

Italy captain Sergio Parisse is adamant his team will not abandon their attacking style of play that has made them popular among neutral rugby fans and has called for the team to take greater risks as the team builds up to the RBS Six Nations Championship.

The Italians have had a dismal record since the launch of the tournament back in 2000, winning just eleven of the seventy matches they have played in so far but if last year’s showing was anything to go by when they defeated Ireland and France, Italians fans can expect a lot better from their team this season.

Although the Italian has a few injury problems to some big name players including Gonzalo Canale as well as Andrea Masi, Sergio Parisse has delivered a very positive assessment of his team as they get ready to take on the Six Nations champions Wales in a tough away match at Cardiff.

The Italian number eight stated that back in 2008, the question that was being raised was that they did not have a good scrum half but now, they have a squad that is more balanced overall.

He mentioned that the team can play in the back and can play a good brand of rugby and not just be dominating in the scrum regions.

Sergio Parisse went on to add that beating the likes of France and Ireland last season has given them a lot of confidence and although they kind of lost their way during the internationals in June and November, they are confident about replicating the performances of last season.

He mentioned that they have to play that same attacking style of rugby and take a few risks because in rugby, there is always some risk involved and taking them comes in handy very often.

Jan 14

The No. 8 Who Led Italy

Sergio Parisse, the Italian rugby union player is currently the captain of the national rugby union team of Italy. He has also captained Stade Francais, the French rugby team. Parisse was the first rugby union player of Italy who was nominated for the IRB international player of the year award.

Sergio started by joining the Italian professional rugby union team, Treviso and played there for almost 4 years. In 2005 he joined the Stade Francais. Sergio Parisse is a number 8 and has great handling ability. He has been marked as a special player, especially when the Italian team has struggled, because of his flair to get across the gainline and the positional sense that he shows in the lineout.

In 2002 Sergio Parisse had defeated New Zealand and was capped by the Italian Coach then, John Kirwan. The first test try that Parisse scored was against Canada in the Rugby World Cup tournament that was held in the year 2003. In the 2007 Rugby World Cup the Italian team was not able to go beyond the pool stage, however, Parisse had shown good performance. His form continued in the Six Nations Championship tournament of the year 2008. It was against England that he won his 50th cap for Italy. He was also appointed the captain of the Italian team in 2008 in place of Marco Bortolami, by Nick Mallett. Sergio was nominated for the IRB International Player of the Year in the year 2008, September. Other nominees for the title in that year were Dan carter, Shane Williams, Ryan Jones and Mike Blair.

The 2009-10 top 14 seasons saw Parisse miss most of the tournaments because of a serious knee injury. The unfortunate injury also ruled him out of the Six Nations Championship tournament of the year 2010.

In 2012 and 2013 Six Nations Championship, Parisse once again captained Italy wherein the latter season started with Parisse scoring a try and the last week saw Italy defeat Ireland with 22-15, which was one of Italy’s most successful Six Nations match ever.

Sep 13

Richie McCaw on Comeback Trail

All Blacks great Richie McCaw is making a comeback; after he left the field nine months ago after the All Blacks team suffered a defeat at the Twickenham grounds. He is going to play for the Bledisloe Cup in a well trained team, which is supposed to be at their best form right now.

He is a proven performer, and it has been seen many times in the past, when he has risen above all others and taken his team to victory. This is going to be one of the biggest challenges that Richie McCaw has undertaken so far. He had left the team after they had suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of England, and he had made himself busy at other projects elsewhere overseas. Coach Steve Hansen has expressed his full confidence in Richie McCaw, and he says that he does not doubt the veteran’s capabilities at all, and he is indeed ready to take on the Bledisloe Cup.

Richie McCaw has been doing nothing basically for the past few months, and has been seeing matches, and getting his thoughts together, and he has many ideas that he plans to implement that will surely enhance the performance of the team on the whole. Richie McCaw made it to the limelight with his critique of the three-Test series against France, where France was literally whitewashed by the ALL Blacks.

And his critique has already added great value to the team, and how the team should prepare and what are all the areas that the team needs to focus on. Richie McCaw, along with Read and Liam Messam are going to form the oldest trio, when it comes to New Zealand loose forward, and this is the first time that such a trio is being formed, after the last one was way back in 1995.

Aug 13

New Quotas in South Africa

It has been announced that the South Africa rugby circle is going to have new race quotas active, to bring up the quality of players. This move is being introduced for including more black or coloured players in the South Africa team, and this is going to bring up the performance statistics of the team on the whole.

The rule is now that, there needs to be at least seven black players in every squad, and out of these seven, two black forwards have to be compulsory.

And there have to five black players in the starting line up, along with other players on the bench. This move has come after there has been much concern in the rugby world and the media, regarding how less black rugby players are there in the sport. Continue reading →