15 Fitness Exercises : Transverse Ab Exercise Tips

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  1. BillieTheBuffalo

    the battle cry of the morbidly obese

  2. The 6-pack is overrated.

  3. she make a big mistake, if have low back pain, you want first to activate/develop TVA and this not using bicycle exe

  4. The lady is confused. the rectus ab is not also known as transvers ab. big mistake

  5. very good vid

  6. She doesn’t know what a transverse ab muscle is.

  7. jenevajones991

    This is a great exercise video, I see now all the things I was doing wrong with this bicycle, THX!

  8. DeathWithinTenSteps

    you’re right!
    the TVA is still activated during this exercise though.
    but not to the extent she is claiming.

  9. DeathWithinTenSteps

    but of course i agree. i see a lot of crappy american infomercials with flabby people complaining about their physique. a huge problem with consumerism is that people tend to think that everything is for sale. for instan beautiful body. my point is this: an athlete pushes him/herself every single day, he/she gives up everything to excel in a discipline you like to sit and watch, if you do not want to take the pain that is hard training you do not deserve to look like an athlete.

  10. DeathWithinTenSteps

    it’s not all you need.
    you kinda need to lose some fat aswell.
    iv’e got a lot of friends with no training background that’ve got sixpacks.

  11. this girl talks too much! feels like she is a freaking bio professo lol

  12. Brooklynmario

    To work your TVA muscles you need to hold in your stomach for a little but at a time. It is the only way to work it.

  13. Brooklynmario

    Wow people this is wrong info! The rectus abdominus is what you see outside which is the 6 pack and the transverse abdominus(TVA) is underneath the rectus abdominus and THAT is what stabilizes the spine! All she is doing is bicycle crunches for the obliques and rectus muscles.

  14. Boogers4dinner

    Nope. This was real good information for real. 🙂

  15. are u sarcastic?

  16. paulfraughton

    i like the vid but the upper rectus and transversus are completely different muscles.

  17. Great video!!

  18. Great video!!

  19. good post. thanks. it works.

  20. Boogers4dinner

    Yeah, this is all you need to do for a six pack. This lady saved the world of billions and billions of dollars on excess spending on fat loss around the stomach gimmicks and products. Great post. I wish more people like this female would tell the truth instead of trying to hustle people out of their hard earned money.