Fitness Model Male – Live Happy Be Fitness – Motivational Video – GO-GO-GO

Health and fitness Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. your fucking 155lb’s
    and you’ve been lifting for 2 years, you really think you can put another 20-30 pounds of muscle just by continuing to lift?
    It doesn’t work like that. Maybe in a few more years you’ll figure out that “natural body builder” is a myth.

  2. omen – prodigy

  3. brnsktingdieskting18

    jelly faggots gonna jelly

  4. brnsktingdieskting18

    bullshit. i’m at 155lb at 8%bf and only have been lifting for only 2 years with 15+ inch biceps and haven’t taken a drug in my life with similar muscle insertions and is it impossible for one to be at 7% at 175-180 with a height advantage of almost 6ft? not to mention he eats like a king.


    the prodigy – omen

    song in this video. Not necessary votes

  6. the prodigy - omen

  7. Does any one knows if he uses roids? or not?

  8. prodigy omen dubstep remix

  9. haha your like the tenth person to reply that

  10. BF GOOD

  11. still mirin zyzz

  12. Song name: Omen – The Prodigy.
    🙂 Thumb it up for others!

  13. The Prodigy – Omen
    You’re welcome

  14. wtf are you talking about????

  15. diet isnt everything theres the workout itself and resting which are all very important to achieve a body like rob riches or greg plitt 🙂

  16. Omen – Mt Eden

  17. Not impossible,diet is everything. I don’t even drink shakes.

    Creatine/protien is in all meat, there is 40 percent more protien than you use in an average diet!

    Fats from meats like beef and pork help produce testosterone as well as yolks.

    Just eat right and you won’t need to drink endless shakes, the fat will come off and the muscle will grow just be patient it’s a life style change, be willing to change your life and see your doing what’s best for your body and in time size will come 🙂

  18. Guys like you have no clue of anything. Have you even been in a fitness club before? this is just normal natural bodybuilding…

  19. its especially amazing since he has mild down syndrome

  20. greg plitt my vote

  21. You say he dont took any steroids ?? İmpossible -_-

  22. y todos sonn maricones

  23. Greg and Rob all the way! fuck the ice cream!